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Polish Art of the '70s
50,00 zł

Autor/ka: Łukasz Ronduda
Wydawca: CSW Ujazdowski
Rok wydania: 2009
ISBN: 978-83-61156-18-5
Oprawa: miękka ze skrzydełkami
Stron: 380
Język: angielski

The book describes the process of the opening of the Polish neoavant-garde of the 1970s to reality, and analyzes the tension between the post-essentialist and pragmatic understandings of art which determined the shape of neo-avant-garde at the time. The background to the described artistic strategies is the unprecedented pluralisation of artistic attitudes and gestures in Polish art since the early 1970s. This differentiation was the result of, among other things, going beyond the purely avant-garde discourse and entering into various kinds of combinations of art and reality. The author of the books editorial concept is Piotr Uklański. It is a particularly important effort at ‘transcribing the Polish art of the 1970s at a visual level and deconstructing its image of cold black-and-white conceptual puns to show it as a reservoir of sophisticated intellectual strategies.