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Anthony Burrill: Look & See
129,00 zł

Autor/ka: Anthony Burrill
Wydawca: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Rok wydania: 2018
ISBN: 9780500022115
Oprawa: twarda
Stron: 288
Język: angielski

Look & See offers a very personal insight into the idiosyncratic influences and inspirations behind the creativity of Anthony Burrill, designer and letterpress guru. Selecting from his private collection of printed matter, lovingly gathered and curated throughout his career, this is a celebration of the pieces of paper that surround our everyday lives, offering a whimsical and, at times, almost philosophical perspective on how we view printed artefacts. Each piece is accompanied by an observation by Burrill that reveals his sensitive knowledge and understanding about design and its place it the real world.

Beautifully crafted into a whole much greater than the sum of its delightful parts, this is a publication that will entrance and be treasured in equal measure.