Exhibition catalogues
Boys and girls
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edition: Magda Kardasz
graphic design: BankMalbekRau, Anni Vestergaard, Hanne Cassim
publisher: Zachęta - Narodowa Galeria Sztuki
ISBN: 83-89145-43-X

Boys and girls from the exhibition are thirteen groups of several people, male or female, work together on projects of recorded performances techniques of film and photographic. The answer to the question why the exhibition curator working together, artists have responded very simple: because so it is better that together can be more, and that the result of the total work exceeds the sum of the effects of the work of individuals. Curator of the exhibition, Magda Kardasz focused his interest on the countries of northern Europe, whose culture and traditions have much conditioned by the climate and history in common.

Catalog in Polish and English.

Artists: AZORRO, Blizge, Factory of Found Clothing, Grzenda, Icelandic Love Corporation, kebbelife, Frank Lüsing, Oliver Kochta, cardiophon, Parfym, Rasmus Knud, Share Joy, VOUKKOSET, BankMalbekRau