• Grafika do wystawy Koji Kamoji
    16.06 – 19.08.2018
    Koji Kamoji
    Silence and the Will to Live

    This will be the first retrospective presentation of the rich heritage of the Japanese artist Koji Kamoji, who has been living and working in Poland since the 1960s. It comprises paintings, drawings, installations, spatial objects (including minimalist and ascetic works), as well as abstract compositions. Over the years, by carefully selecting the subject matter of his works  Kamoji has developed a catalogue of his favourite and most important motifs.

    Zachęta – National Gallery of ArtZachęta
  • Grafika do wystawy Jan Cybis
    08.09 – 11.11.2018
    Jan Cybis
    Zachęta – National Gallery of ArtZachęta