Flo Kasearu We Are on the Way

27.09 – 23.11.2014 Flo Kasearu We Are on the Way

Zachęta Project Room

curator: Magda Kardasz
cooperation: Karolina Bielawska

Flo Kasearu, one of the most talented Estonian artists of the young generation (winner of the prestigious Köler Prize in 2012), decided to send a selection of her recent works on the road. On September 21 this year, a small truck departed from the artist’s House Museum in Tallinn. Its destination was the Zachęta Project Room (MPZ) where the selection was turned into an exhibition. Thus the Warsaw gallery became a twin institution of the Tallinn venue, with the ‘mother museum’ expanding the area and scope of its activity for two months.

Flo Kasearu’s art is constantly inspired by the surrounding reality. Her socially engaged projects deal with issues topical for Estonians today: nationalism, the impact of socioeconomic transformation on people’s lives, freedom and its limitations, the media’s position in the contemporary world, and the artist’s role. They often assume the form of public-space or user-interactive practices. The artist moves freely between various media, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, environment art, performance art, photography, sculptural installation or video art. She is also the curator of the Flo Kasearu House Museum, one of its exhibits and its guide.

The Warsaw show has been titled We Are on the Way, for the majority of the works deal with movement or transition; and also because that is how the artist’s perceives the contemporary, unstable condition of the world.

Flo Kasearu – born 1985, 2004–2013 studied painting and photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts. 2006-2007 she participated in students exchange and learnt at the Rebeca Horn studio at the Universtität der Künste in Berlin, where she started to make performance and video. She took part in many exhibitions in Estonia and abroad.

Thanks to: Michał Lemańczyk, Juliusz Świtlik, Wojciech Gosiewski and Jan Pleszyński for their special engagement to the artist’s project.

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Flo Kasearu
We Are on the Way
27.09 – 23.11.2014

Zachęta Project Room
ul. Gałczyńskiego 3, 00-362 Warsaw
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Godziny otwarcia:
Tuesday–Sunday 12–8 p.m.
free entry

sponsor of the Zachęta Project Room: Benq
sponsors of the opening ceremony: Freixenet, Chocolissimo
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