The Winter Landscape

Maria Anto

  • type of object: painting
  • date: 1980
  • material/technique: oil on canvas
  • dimensions: 85 x 125 cm
  • inventory No.: M-5

The artist combined a still life and a landscape in one painting. She composed the still life out of crystal carafes, a mug and a box, levitating against the background of a winter landscape. The main landscape elements are the snow-covered hills, roads and trees. Both painting genres resonate clearly in the painting, thanks to, among others, the transparency of the glass masterfully depicted by Anto using painterly tools. This somewhat unusual winter landscape with still life, although deeply rooted in reality, escapes the concept of realism in art. It may be linked to the visuality of the works and the imagination of representatives of surrealism, drawing on dreams. The law of gravity does not work here, and the crystals hanging in the air seem at risk of shattering. The depiction of the fragile crystal and the cold, transparent material of the glass, juxtaposed with winter and the crystals of snow, frost and ice enriches the painting with additional meanings.

Michał Jachuła

translated by Paulina Bożek

Image published as part of the Operational Programme Digital Poland: Open Zachęta financed by European Funds

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