The Russians. A Film About Oleg Videnin

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The Russians. A Film About Oleg Videnin
dir. Christian Klinger, 52 min
English version

The Russians is a film about the photography of Oleg Videnin.It looks at the unknown world of so-called normal Russian life and the real people Oleg Videnin uses in his work. The film accompanies Oleg Videnin as he photographs people on the streets of Bryansk, as well as in Russia’s empty villages and along Russia’s roads. He also provides a deep insight into his working methods in the darkroom and the methods he uses when photographing people. The film includes several sequences of Oleg Videnin’s outstanding and moving photography. 

Oleg Videnin, debuting in the 90’s photographer, famous for his portraits of Russians. His photographs can be seen in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Fine Arts. He has won many awards and since 2005, is a member of the agency PHOTOGRAPHER.RU. 

Christian Klinger (producer and director) is a photographer and filmmaker, having on his account interviews with artists, inventors and scientists such as Will McBride (American photographer), Karlheinz Brandenburg (the inventor of MP3), and Thomas Olbricht (art collector). He was also the initiator and curator of the various festivals and artistic events and had held various exhibitions of his own work.

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    Rafał Milach presents the stories of Russians who were born in the USSR, but  whose adult lives run their course in the Russia of Vladimir Putin. This is a tale of ordinary people, of their friends and family, and of the world in which they live. In Milach’s photographs are to be found neither extremism nor sensationalism. We observe the everyday life of representatives of the generation of thirty-somethings that the photographer has been a witness to over the course of the last six years.

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