Saturday ArtWalk
‘ ’ Flight and Hideouts

Zachęta – National Gallery of Art
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During the ArtWalk we’ll visit two extraordinary exhibitions: Roman Stańczak’s ‘ ’ Flight and Natalia Romik’s Hideouts.

Natalia Romik’s exhibition is an artistic tribute to survival architecture, the hiding places built and used by Jews during the Holocaust. It’s based on mirror casts of nine hiding places from Poland and present-day Ukraine. The sculptural forms are accompanied by an exhibition presenting the results of interdisciplinary research carried out by Natalia Romik and Aleksandra Janus together with a team of anthropologists, historians, archaeologists and urban explorers.

On the other hand, Roman Stańczak’s sculpture is a real aircraft, turned inside out, so that its interior — elements of the cockpit, on-board equipment and passenger seats — becomes visible on the outside, while the wings and fuselage are inside. Stańczak’s inside-out works from the 1990s were interpreted in the context of the brutal economic transformation in Poland. Three decades later, the private luxury aircraft becomes a symbol of global economic inequalities.

Guiding: Sara Herczyńska

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