Guided tours, lectures,
film screenings

The pandemic forced us operate online. We invite you to join our Sunday guided tours and meetings for adults 60+ from the "Looking/Seeing" series. Our events are streamed on Zachęta's Facebook.


Upcoming events for adults
  • 28.02 (Sun) 11:00
    Sunday online guided tour (in Polish)
    Typographic images
    Zachęta's FacebookZachęta's Facebook
Programmes for adults
  • Guided tours for micro groups
    Guided tours for micro groups
  • Sunday guided tours
    With guides and curators
    Sunday guided tours
  • Looking / Seeing
    Contemporary Art for visitors 60+
    Looking / Seeing
  • Friday at Five
    Thematic guided tours
    Friday at Five
  • Zachęta Signs!
    Meetings in Polish Sign Language
    Zachęta Signs!