Exhibition catalogues
In a Norwegian Wood. Norwegian Art of the last Decade
26,00 zł
32 zł

edited by: Magda Kardasz
graphic design: Monika Grzesiewska, Janek Koza
publisher: Zachęta - Narodowa Galeria Sztuki
ISBN: 83-89145-41-3

The exhibition of young Norwegian art forms the latest in a series of exhibition at ZAchęta presenting the contemporary art scene of variety of countries.(...)

The young artists who Anne Karin Jortveit from The National Museum of Contemporary Art (Museet for samtidkunst) in Oslo and Magda Kardasz from Zachęta have invitedto participate in the exhibition, active in different artistic fields and various media, transgress the ever less cleary visible boundaries between particular arts: music and theatre, painting, film and photography, sculpture installations and performances. They draw from traditions and create new, illuminating perspectives on events.