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Making the walls quake as if they were dilating with the secret knowlage of great powers
55,00 zł

edition: Michał Libera, Lidia Klein
graphic design: Czosnek Studio
publisher: Zachęta - Narodowa Galeria Sztuki
ISBN: 978-83-60713-68-6

The publication accompanying the exhibition in the Polish Pavilion in Venice.

Each architecture is the phenomenon of sound - a sound propagation environment, strengthen some of its properties at the expense of others, but also absorbs sound, filters it and forwards. The discrete and invisible manner organizes thus our social life. The prospect of sound lets talk about this process differently in terms of separation and separation social space. Walls, floors, ventilation systems, insulation and drainage system - they are all rather interfaces and transform relationships than their separation. We always hear others and we are audible to them - often in spite of, and sometimes against their will. From the point of view of the theory of architecture promise to guarantee the intimate space is so, in fact, ambivalent participation in intimacy, which is found in such practices as listening, eavesdropping or other procedures listening to the architecture.

That's what practices, and thus the function of architecture in determining the title "common ground" on the level of sound, is devoted to the project by Katarzyna Krakowiak. Prepared by her sound sculpture will present architecture as a primary system to listen (for) us - producing, transmitting and distorting the sound. (...) The Polonia Pavilion will therefore be heard shaking the whole building and its ventilation, as well as the sounds of everyday activities performed by our neighbors. Through micro-architectural interventions it will be shown the consequences of the decision architects for the experience of space in terms of both physical and social.