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Shape of Colour
77,00 zł

Authors: Marzena Turek-Gaś
Publisher: MaTu
Published: 2017
ISBN: 9788365139917
Cover: softback
Pages: 128
Language: Polish

Apart from 64 pages of Marzena Turek-Gaś's art, the publication contains blank pages that symbolize: whiteness, emptiness, infinity, and snow, which so often appears in her works. This philosophical approach is entirely the artist's idea and project.

In the visionary intensity indeed lays the strength of this artwork which represents a real artistic revolution: extinguished the old stereotype of the artist locked in the studio, Marzena created a new technique which involves body, movement, and vital energy.
Francesca Luppini

Marzena Turek-Gaś is a talented and mature artist, creating 2D and 3D designs based upon the integration of color, form, and surface. Her artistic realizations in connection with architecture show her knowledge and sensibility to the integration of visual arts with the urban space...
~ Wojciech Fangor