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Jacek Malinowski. PółKobieta / HalfAWoman
32,00 zł
40 zł

edited by: Marta Miś
graphic design: Łukasz Paluch
publisher: Zachęta - Narodowa Galeria Sztuki
ISBN: 978-83-64714-37-5

The book is dedicated to a film trilogy from the collection of Zachęta — National Gallery of Art. The bilingual publication contains an extensive illustrative part enriched with the film dialogues and two essays analysing Malinowski’s trilogy with a more academic approach (Marta Miś ‘Do Half-Women Exist? Fake Documentary as an Authorial Strategy’) and a philosophical one (Andrzej Wajs, ‘Antilogies of the Image’). Films by Jacek Malinowski are an interesting example of mockumentaries —a formula rarely present in the Polish cinema. The HalfAWoman trilogy was created between 2000–008 and tells the story of a woman suffering from a fictional disease called the Pelvis Degeneration Syndrome (PDS).

The book inaugurates The Zachęta Collection | video series.