The guidelines for artwork loans from the Zachęta collection

Zachęta – National Gallery of Art makes its collection available to other institutions for exhibition, as well as for education and conservation purposes (e.g., university conservation departments). The works are lent free of charge.

How to borrow an artwork from the Zachęta collection?

  1. Please search for the work on our website or directly inquire at our department of collections and inventories
  2. The procedure will be set in motion when the director of the Zachęta receives a loan request with a list of works specifying the inventory numbers and purpose of loan, such as the title, dates, and description of the event, duration of loan, location of the exhibition, as well as details of persons responsible for the work on loan. With respect to loans for conservation purposes, the request should be submitted by the institution’s conservation coordinator together with a description of the purpose, scope and duration of the conservation works.
  3. Please send your application no later than two months before the planned date of loan. Requests sent at a later date will be accepted, however, due to organizational reasons, they may not be approved.
  4. Replies to requests will be sent immediately, usually within one week of their receipt.
  5. If the request is approved, the next formal and organizational steps will be taken by our department of collections and inventories, to which further correspondence should be addressed.
  6. Prior to the collection of the work, it is necessary to deliver the necessary documents to the Zachęta: the bilaterally signed loan agreement made and sent by the Zachęta and a copy of the insurance policy on a nail-to-nail basis.
  7. The date of collection of the work must be agreed with our department of collections and inventories at least two weeks in advance.
  8. Loan conditions:
  • compliance with conservation standards and their monitoring at the place of storage and exhibition of the work (temperature, humidity and light exposure values as defined by the conservator in the loan agreement), as well as ensuring security;
  • professional (approved by the Zachęta) transport of borrowed works of art;
  • taking out a “nail-to-nail” insurance policy at the borrower’s own expense in accordance with the Zachęta’s requirements;
  • packing the collected works with materials provided the borrower by trained personnel in accordance with the conservation guidelines set out in the loan agreement.
  1. Additional conditions (requiring additional costs) as specified earlier in the loan agreement, if they are necessary for its proper execution:
  • framing of works that are not framed;
  • conservation of works, if necessary for the work to be loaned;
  • reproduction, if the works on loan do not have photographic documentation;
  • in the case of some works, a Zachęta representative – a courier – must be present to supervise the installation and dismantling of works (in such case, the borrower is obliged to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and per diem allowance as specified in the agreement);
  • in some cases, the Zachęta reserves the right to conduct a visit by a competent employee to verify the terms of the work’s presentation – then the work must be made available at the agreed date.