Projection on the facade of Zachęta National Gallery of Art, 14.11.2005

Krzysztof Wodiczko

  • type of object: video
  • date: 2005
  • material/technique: 1-channel video
  • dimensions: 19'11"
  • inventory No.: V-19
  • image licensed under: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

The projection on the Zachęta building preceded the opening of the
artist’s monographic exhibition Monument Therapy. Wodiczko enlivened
the gallery’s façade with women’s figures projected onto the two pilasters
carrying the tympanum who took over the role of caryatids. The heroines
of the projection talk to each other, sometimes addressing the viewers
gathered in front of the building. They talk about their experiences of
physical and mental abuse. They are not only abuse victims, but also
perpetrators. They share their experiences of alcoholism, unequal social
and legal status with the viewers. Giving the voice to women, the artist
enabled them to engage in a kind of psychotherapy by talking about own
experiences, but also by confronting the authorities with specific questions.
All these stories seem intended to show the discrimination of women in the
social and political life of a democratic state.

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