Strong Sisters Told Their Brothers

Liliana Piskorska

  • type of object: video
  • date: 2019
  • dimensions: 30'
  • inventory No.: V-75
  • image licensed under: CC BY-SA

A poetic manifesto, referring to other lesbian and queer declarations — the Radicallesbians group (The Woman Identified Woman, 1970), The Lesbian Avengers (Dyke Manifesto, 1992), Queer Nation (The Queer Nation Manifesto, 1990). Translated and modified by the artist, they form a collage immersing the experiences it articulates in the contemporary Polish reality Showing how the heterosexual privilege works, the artist encourages us to reflect on our own position in the world of patriarchal domination and heterosexual norms. The work she has created is also a call for compassion, solidarity and paying attention to others. (Karolina Sikorska)

Artwork aquired thanks to the support of the Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts

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