The Stain

Jacek Malinowski

  • type of object: video
  • date: 2016
  • material/technique: video
  • dimensions: 34'
  • inventory No.: V-62

The Stain is a short-story style film, which consists of three episodes linked together by a disaster motif. The author has treated both the theme of the film, as well as its form in a non-linear way, where the narrative is fragmented thus experimenting with the basic structure of film making.  Protagonists  of each part of the film confront the upcoming disaster or its vision in a different manner. Individual episodes are tied together by actors, common scenery  and repetitive dialogue. The Stain refers to the War of the Worlds by Orson Welles - a famous radio broadcast from 1938, which in a realistic manner  depicted  a Martian invasion on Earth thus  causing a severe panic in the state of New Jersey and  becoming the first documented mockumentary. Malinowski approaches disaster movies with a healthy distance, taking into quotation marks both the convention of the genre, as well as mockumentary style films.  

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