Saturday ArtWalk: Wild at Heart.
Guided tour in English

Zachęta – National Gallery of Art
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During the upcoming ArtWalk we are going to visit a very special exhibition about Poland – Wild at Heart. This exhibition presents the Polish art scene post-1989 and focuses on portraits and self-portraits, which helps us ask the question: how do Poles view themselves after the fall of communism? The answer is not easy, since many of the presented works use humor and irony to depict their themes, making fun of conventional aspirations and aesthetic visions. ‘Wild at Heart’ presents works of countless important artists, including Alina Szapocznikow, Wilhelm Sasnal, Franciszka Themerson and Włodzimierz Pawlak.

guide: Sara Herczyńska

event accompanying the exhibition
  • 03.03 – 06.05.2018
    Wild at Heart.
    Portrait and self-portrait in Poland after 1989

    The backbone of the exhibition Wild at Heart is the collection of the ING Polish Art Foundation which gathers the works by Polish living artists created post 1990. The precision of the spatial and temporal framework of this collection determines its content which focuses on the Polish scene during the social and economic transformation (following the fall of communism in 1989).

    Zachęta – National Gallery of ArtZachęta
Upcoming events
  • 13.08 (Sat) 14:00
    Екскурсія виставкою «С’юзан Могул. Чи так створюється легенда?» українською мовою
    (guided tour in Ukrainian)
    Захента — Національна галерея мистецтв.Захента — Національна галерея мистецтв.
  • 13.08 (Sat) 16:00
    Экскурсия по выставке «Сьюзан Могул. Так ли создаётся легенда?» на русском язык
    (guided tour in Russian)
    Захента — Национальная галерея искусствЗахента — Национальная галерея искусств
  • 14.08 (Sun) 12:15
    Sunday guided tour
    (in Polish)
    Zachęta – National Gallery of ArtZachęta
  • 14.08 (Sun) 16:00
    Знайомимося з Захентою!
    Недільна екскурсія українською
    Захента — Національна галерея мистецтв.Захента — Національна галерея мистецтв.