Guided tour in English of the exhibition "The Future Will Be Different" accompanying the "Nice to see you" Hospitality Days

Zachęta – National Gallery of Art
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Guided tour in English – Marta Artyfikiewicz

"Nice to see you". Hospitality Days is a festival available to non-Polish-speaking residents of Warsaw. The first Hospitality Days will take place in Warsaw, 26-27th May, 2018, filled with events translated into various languages, including Ukrainian, English, Russian, Spanish, French, Vietnamese and Arabic. Detailed information can be found at

event accompanying the exhibition
  • 24.02 – 27.05.2018
    The Future Will Be Different.
    Visions and Practices of Social Modernisation after 1918

    An exhibition devoted to the interwar period in Poland, with a narrative built around the key social ideas that were born after the country regained its independence in 1918. The modernizing ideas, focusing around the needs of previously underprivileged social groups — women, children, workers and ethnic minorities — will be shown through the perspective of the broadly understood visual culture of this time (from architecture and design to the most modern medium of the time, film).

    Zachęta – National Gallery of ArtZachęta
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