Nina Cristante.Senior

Park im. Romana Kozłowskiego, kopa Cwila (Ursynów)
free entry, sign-up required, limited amout of places

Nina Cristante is a visual artist and personal coach. Senior is an outcome othe artist's two projects: Zao Dha Diet (ZDD) and Fitness Povero (FP), which comprise of a personalised diet and health consultations as well as videos, music, sculpture, prints, clothes, and choreography.

Working with a Polish physiotherapist, she will run a series of workout sessions at four different seniors gyms around Warsaw. Each meeting session will combine theory, where participants will receive individual advice on how to use the gym equipment, and practice. Cristante will also offer professional diet consultation; to make an appointment, .

Organized with the financial support from the City of Warsaw:

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event accompanying the exhibition
  • 07.07 – 27.08.2017
    Better self

    Better Self  is a reflection on the contemporary culture of individualism, its causes, effects, and side effects. Featuring actions, performance pieces, training sessions, and public workshops, the Zachęta space will become a stage, a gym, a yoga room, a therapy room, and a discussion site.

    Zachęta – National Gallery of ArtZachęta
Upcoming events
  • 18.06 (Tue) 18:00
    The first meeting of the Zachęta Book Club
    Zachęta | cinema room (entrance from Burschego street)cinema room
  • 19.06 (Wed) 18:00
    Anatomy of a relationship with nature
    (in Polish)
    Zachęta Project RoomZPR
  • 20.06 (Thu) 18:00
    Disability Aesthetics
    Zachęta | cinema room (entrance from Burschego street)cinema room
  • 21.06 (Fri) 12:15
    Oprowadzanie dla dorosłych 60+ po wystawie Łzy szczęścia
    Zachęta – National Gallery of ArtZachęta
  • 19.07 – 20.07.2024
    Anger exercises
    (in Polish)
    Zachęta – National Gallery of ArtZachęta