All Day Strolling. Film screening (with English subtitles)

Zachęta / cinema room (entrance from Burschego street)
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All Day Strolling is a film about an isolated community in the Georgian mountains. The Fotskho settlement was built to accommodate the construction workers on one of the most ambitious Soviet projects; the highest arch dam in the world. After the collapse of the USSR the settlement was almost abandoned, until recently when, against a background of ruins a motley of buildings have begun to appear along with refugees sent there to find permanent homes. The film takes audience on a meander through this lost place in the remote area of a Post-Soviet state.

The film won the Best Documentary award at 'Exposures' film festival 2012 in Manchester.

event accompanying the exhibition
  • 16.09 – 19.11.2017
    Hubert Czerepok
    The Beginning

    The exhibition consists of three video installations. The first one is a three channel projection realised at the site of the archaeological excavations at Karahan Tepe, Turkey, where the oldest site of worship — dating back to 10 thousand years BC and believed to be a cradle of civilisation — was discovered.
    It was even before the neolithic revolution, before the beginning of agriculture and animal breeding, that the oval structures made of adhering megalithic pillars had been created there. What civilisation managed to accomplish this, who were the people who buried the sanctuary 1500 years later and why — remains a mystery.

    Zachęta – National Gallery of ArtZachęta
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    Zachęta signs!
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    Pani Drozdowa
    Meeting with Józef Wilkoń (in Polish)
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    Santa's Day at the Zachęta
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