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  • 24.09 – 28.11.2021
    Bartosz Zaskórski, Tomasz Zaskórski
    A Spaceship As Big As Half the Village

    The exhibition presents both works by the artist’s father and their collaborative works — small objects, sculptures and drawings, as well as three films by Bartosz. The exhibition is accompanied by a mini-guide, in which the artist fills in certain themes. It takes the form of fantastic and bizarre storytelling, in which recollections and stories about their hometown are mixed with literary fiction.

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Upcoming events
  • 12.10 (Thu) 12:00
    Encaustic painting with Krzysztof Gliszczyński
    Workshops for students in Polish
    Zachęta / workshop room (entrance through the main hall)Zachęta / workshop room (entrance through the main hall)