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Discussion accompanying the exhibition "Hideouts. The Architecture of Survival"

Zachęta | Cinema Room (entrance through the exhibition)
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Natalia Romik’s exhibition Hideouts.The Architecture of Survival discusses the extremely difficult experience of Jews who tried to survive in hiding on the so-called "Aryan side" during World War II. Taking this specific exhibition as a starting point, a group of international experts representing the Thinking Through the Museum project will reflect on how to talk about difficult, traumatic and painful stories in museum settings, referring to examples from their own academic and museum practice, concerning both representation of the Holocaust in museums, as well as other genocides, colonial violence or various histories of exclusion.

Experts taking part in the discussion: Erica Lehrer (Concordia University, Canada), Dorota Głowacka (University of King's College, Canada), Bryce Lease (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, UK), Monica Patterson (Carleton University, Canada), Ciraj Rassool (University of the Western Cape, South Africa).

The panel discussion will be held in English with simultaneous translation into Polish.

The event is organized as part of the Thinking Through the Museum (TTTM) workshop held in Warsaw. TTTM is a 7-year research network that works in museum settings. The workshop is a gathering of scholars, practitioners, and students from Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, the UK and the USA will share their progress on ongoing research and curatorial projects, and discuss pressing issues regarding heritage preservation and critique related to current crises in the East-Central European region.

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event accompanying the exhibition
  • 31.03 – 17.07.2022
    Natalia Romik
    Hideouts. The architecture of survival

    Natalia Romik’s exhibition is an artistic tribute to survival architecture, the hiding places built and used by Jews during the Holocaust. They used tree hollows, wardrobes, urban sewers, caves or empty graves to create temporary shelters.

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