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    On disability in the social, artistic and cultural context. Enjoy reading the new issue of our magazine!

    No. 31/2021
  • Trouble in Paradise

    On 18 September, join us for the premiere of short video dedicated to the project Sacred Species by GUBAHÁMORI + Filip + László Demeter that was presented at the Polish Pavilion at the Biennale Architettura 2021.

    Polish Pavilion in Venice
  • 19.09 (ND) 11:00
    Sunday thematic online tour
    In Polish

    Sara Herczyńska will guide you through the Cold Revolution exhibition.

    Zachęta's Facebook
  • 19.09 (ND) 12:15
    Sunday guided tour
    (in Polish)

    We invite you to visit Zachęta's current exhibitions with our guides. Guided tours take place at 12:15 p.m. and 1:15 p.m. and last approx. 50 minutes (limited number of places).

    Zachęta | plac Małachowskigo 3
  • 19.09 (ND) 12:30
    Family workshops (in Polish)

    We invite children to participate in workshops focused on the Cold Revolution exhibition.


    Zachęta | plac Małachowskigo 3
  • We are recruiting!

    Positions for Polish Speaker only.

    via e-mail
  • Europe Beyond Access
    Meet the winners!

    Zachęta and the British Council are announcing the results of a competition for disabled artists. See the winning works!



  • 27.05 – 10.10.2021
    Cold Revolution

    Central and Eastern European Societies in Times of Socialist Realism, 1948–1959. A critical reflection on the changes taking place at that time, illustrating their scale and dynamics with the help of visual material.

    Zachęta | plac Małachowskigo 3
  • 24.09 – 28.11.2021
    Bartosz Zaskórski, Tomasz Zaskórski
    A Spaceship As Big As Half the Village


    The exhibition presents the works of the artist, his father and joint endeavours – small objects, sculptures, drawings, as well as films and soundtracks.

    ZPR | Gałczyńskiego 3
  • 07.10.2021 – 09.01.2022
    Hege Lønne

    The exhibition of works by Norwegian artist with ties to Poland, presents sculptures, installations, video works and documentation of her artistic activities.

    Zachęta | plac Małachowskiego 3

Zachęta Online Magazine

  • #30: On language and sensitivity

    The 30th issue of the magazine was inspired by the summer project Plac Małachowskiego, which touches upon the issue of language and sensitivity to exclusion and diversity.

    No. 30/2021
  • #29: Zimna rewolucja

    We invite you to read the this issue, themed on socialist realism, which is recalled now in an international context thanks to the exhibition Cold Revolution. 

    No. 29/2021
  • #28: Education and Ecology

    In the 28th issue of our online magazine, we remain in the sphere of education, albeit seen from a more environmentalist-cum-activist angle.

    No. 28/2021
  • #27: Didactics?

    The theme of the 27th issue of the Zachęta Online Magazine is education – or rather, what effects remain with our audience after our educational programme.

    No. 27/2021
  • #26: SEFA, Zachęta and the collection

    In the 26th issue of the Zachęta Online Magazine, we invite you to read an interview with the author of the three-volume study Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1860–1940, 1948).

    No. 26/2021
  • #25: Portraits

    The subject of the 25th issue of the Zachęta Online Magazine is a portrait and a self-portrait. To begin with, we recall the exhibition of Israeli artists Tama Ben-Tor and Miki Carmi.

    No. 25/2021
  • #24: Sculpture in Search of a Place

    In No. 24 of the Magzine we return to the subject of sculpture. And we start with an essay by Zbigniew Libera, where the artist talks about the history of Polish sculpture from a personal perspective.

    No. 24/2021
  • #23: Trees

    The 23rd edition of our online magazine has been inspired by Joanna Rajkowska’s exhibition at the Zachęta. We recommend reading the two texts accompanying the event.

    No. 23/2021
  • #22: The city of roots

    No. 22 of our online magazine brings materials – textual, visual and audiovisual – related to the exhibition Rhizopolis.

  • #21: Cinephilia

    The 21st issue digs into our film collection. The selected films speak volumes about the artists’ fascination with cinema and film genres, such as mock-document, horror, and animation.

    No. 21/2021
  • #20: Bitter sweet

    We invite you to read the 20th issue of the Magazine. As the strange year 2020 comes to an end, we decided to say goodbye to it with a bittersweet edition, where beauty and tenderness are unsettling.

    No. 20/2020
  • #19: Zachęta then & now

    The 19th issue of our online magazine tells the story of Zachęta – both historical and contemporary – as seen through the prism of the people who have created this place.

    No. 19/2020
  • #18: Sculpture

    In the 18th issue of the magazine, we pull form our archives materials about sculptors and sculpture.

    No. 18/2020
  • #17: Women power

    In the 17th issue of the magazine, through our archives we talk about women: rebels, social activists, provocateurs and anarchists.

    No. 17/2020
  • #16: The Cage and the Toy

    Mira Marcinów writes about a series of photos by Joanna Piotrowska documenting animal cages and enclosures. Her essay opens the 6th issue of the Magazine, devoted not only to animal themes.

    No. 16/2020
  • #15: Frowst

    Joanna Piotrowska is a visual artist and photographer living and working in London. Read the 15th issue of the Zachęta Online Magazine, which opens with an interview with the artist.

  • #14: Art Collecting

    In the fourteenth issue, we revisit the subject of collecting, although this time not only with an eye on our collection. We were prompted by the major renovation of the Zachęta’s art storerooms.

    No. 14/2020
  • #13: Bending the Structure

    We invite you to read the 13th issue of the Magazine, including the text by Gabriela Świtek, around Monika Sosnowska's exhibition at Zachęta, and a recording of a meeting with the artist from 2012.

    No. 13/2020
  • #12: Monika Sosnowska

    The 12th edition of the Zachęta Online Magazine, which is devoted primarily to Monika Sosnowska’s art, opens with Maria Brewińska’s essay Reality with errors.

    No. 12/2020
  • #11: Małachowski Square

    Magdalena Komornicka’s text opens the11th edition of the Zachęta Online Magazine. Discover the history behind 3 Małachowski Square!

    No. 11/2020
  • #10: Silence and scream

    Can whisper and calmness be as effective as shouting and rebellion? These are the questions that we are trying to answer in the tenth issue the Zachęta Online Magazine.

    No. 10/2020
  • #9: Alienations

    In the ninth issue of the Zachęta Online Magazine we recall, among others, the exhibition Alienations or The Fire Next Time.

    No. 9/2020
  • #8: Collection

    While you are at home, we recommend the latest issue of the Zachęta On-line Magazine dedicated to our collection and collecting.

    No. 8/2020
  • #7: Architecture

    We devote the latest edition of the Zachęta Magazine to architecture – not only at the Polish Pavilion in Venice, but also at the Zachęta.

    No. 7/2020
  • #6: Play is a necessary part of existence

    In the sixth issue of our Magazine we’ve decided to review various themes related to children – both in the artistic and exhibition domains.

    No. 6/2020
  • #5: Art/Music

    You can read about John Lurie’s journey from creating music to painting in the interview that the curators conducted with him, which opens the latest edition of our on-line magazine.

    No. 5/2020
  • #4: Time

    In the fourth issue of our Magazine, built around the theme of “time”, we revisit Rafał Bujnowski’s individual exhibition in 2016, titled 2066.

    No. 4/2020
  • #3: Travel

    An interview with Anna Ermolaeva, a Russian dissident living in Vienna since 1989, became the starting point for the third issue of the Zachęta Magazine devoted to various forms of travel.

    No. 3/2020
  • #2: Performance

    The starting point for the second issue of Zachęta Online Magazine is a conversation with Zbigniew Warpechowski – the precursor of performance art in Poland, author of installations, painter, poet, and philosopher.

    No. 2/2020
  • #1: Ironists

    Zachęta On-line Magazine, whose premiere issue we are just launching will feature regular presentations of our resources – texts, exhibitions, works form our collection, documentary materials, and publications.

    No. 1/2020
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