Mateusz Dąbrowski CATERPILLAR

26.05 – 22.07.2018 Mateusz Dąbrowski CATERPILLAR

Zachęta Project Room

curator: Magda Kardasz
collaboration: Julia Harasimowicz

I create spatial objects and installations. I also work with paintings, artistic graphics and designs. My abstract objects are open to a variety of levels of interpretation. I am interested in the imperceptible, illogical reality, superfluousness and surrounding environment. I am occupied with time, movement and matter. My works do not contain any unambiguity, since I care more about the questions than the answers. The materials that I use have their meaning. I create forms, and the guiding principle of them is transcending the bounds of their material nature; the oft interactive nature of my works is key for creating the meaning and sense.

I am interested in the theory of continuous movement that causes constant change, determined evolutionism. I set my sculptures in motion by means of infrasound, electromagnetic waves or air; it is a simultaneous movement with minimalistic repetitiveness, paraphrasing the work of a living organism. The viewer does not know what is causing the objects to vibrate. The changes occurring in the matter resemble the breath of an Icelandic geyser, which allows me to achieve the effect of moderate manipulation.

The CATERPILLAR sculpture presented at the exhibition in the Zachęta Project Room is an allegory of the movement of bodies, the rhythm of nature, living organisms and evolutionism. In principle, it refers to the determinism of constant change, the struggle for survival of every matter.

CATERPILLAR is a part of a process of events, which continues endlessly. It is a form of a bizarre mechanism, a great clock, where time and space are a relative unity. The elements rotating at different speeds do not allow the viewer to identify and observe any regular layout. The form seems to be an incidental, a magnetised body attracting dozens of crushed, angular objects, like clusters of unspecified minerals set in circular motion.

Mateusz Dąbrowski

Born 1980. Studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He successfully defended his doctorate in 2010 and is a lecturer at the Academy, as well as at the Higher School of Applied Computer Science and Management. In his creative work (painting, printmaking, spatial objects), he experiments with materials. He creates in the spirit of geometric abstraction and is interested in the materiality of forms.

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Mateusz Dąbrowski
26.05 – 22.07.2018

Zachęta Project Room
ul. Gałczyńskiego 3, 00-362 Warsaw
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