Grafika obiektu: Magda Franczak, Yael Frank
Magda Franczak, Yael Frank
The Ice Is Melting, Ms Frankczak

realiation: LabArt Ewa Róża Fabjanowska

Publication date: 22.03.2014

Video documentation of the exhibition Magda Franczak, Yael Frank. The Ice Is Melting, Ms Frankczak
Zachęta Project Room, 22.03–18.05.2014

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  • Grafika do wystawy Magda Franczak, Yael Frank.
    22.03 – 18.05.2014
    Magda Franczak, Yael Frank.
    The Ice Is Melting, Ms Frankczak

    The exhibition has been inspired by Tarjei Vesaas’s book The Ice Palace (1963). Everything began in 2012 when Magda Franczak, an artist living and working in Lublin, met Tel Aviv-based Yael Frank, who was presenting her work at Lublin’s Labirynt Gallery. The acquaintance soon revealed deeper – going beyond just last-name or hair-colour similarity – affinities between the two artists, concerning existential (generational) histories or artistic interests. The meeting led to the idea of producing a joint project for the Zachęta Project Room.

    Zachęta Project RoomZPR
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