Wunderteam (Wojciech Duda, Włodzimierz Filipek, Rafał Jakubowicz i Maciej Kurak)


Artists' works in the Zachęta collection

  • Zdjęcie pracy RV
    RV Wunderteam (Wojciech Duda, Włodzimierz Filipek, Rafał Jakubowicz i Maciej Kurak)2005
  • Grafika do wystawy Spectrum. From the Zachęta Video Collection
    02.05 – 29.05.2011
    Spectrum. From the Zachęta Video Collection
    Screenings in the ursula blickle videolounge

    The compilation of video presented in ursula blikle lounge is a selection of works from the Zachęta video collection. The programme of the thematic screenings of videos is a spectrum, in other words a certain organized selection of phenomena and concepts analysed by the films’ authors. It is a presentation of works of the newest video art in Poland, created by outstanding artists of the young and middle generation. The screenings that comprise the project Spectrum have been divided into the following thematic blocks: sound, gender, social portrait and roles. The selection made was dictated in part by the technical conditions of the place of presentation – the videos selected were one channel projections, whose theme and aesthetics made them appropriate to be shown in the proposed form. The choice of these works was also an attempt to underline the range of themes that Polish video artists engage with. It shows both a cross-section and the spectrum of problems relevant today in Polish art. This should not be treated as a full picture, but rather as an overview of Polish video art of the last two decades.

    Kunsthalle WienKunsthalle Wien
  • Grafika do wystawy Łódź City
    31.07 – 03.10.2010
    Łódź City

    Fabulous Łódź – with its history, still to be clearly felt in the urban tissue, its social issues, a continuing modernization and commercialisation of public space, the unique Muzeum Sztuki and the avant-garde tradition, a history of famous projects organised by artists for artists, the world-renowned Łódź Film School (PWSFTViT), the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) educating visual artists and fashion designers, or fi nally a vibrant music scene – was what I wanted to present at Kordegarda Project.

    Kordegarda ProjectKordegarda Project