Maurycy Gomulicki


Artist's works in the Zachęta collection

  • Zdjęcie pracy from the cycle A Glade of Fairy Tales
    from the cycle A Glade of Fairy TalesMaurycy Gomulicki2001
  • Zdjęcie pracy
    Maurycy Gomulicki2000
  • Grafika do wystawy Tats
    21.08 – 28.10.2018
    Maurycy Gomulicki

    Among the many roles played by Maurycy Gomulicki in his work as an artist, the role of a pop culture anthropologist is particularly fruitful. This can be seen in the case of the Tats project, dedicated to the documentation of primitive tattoos worn primarily by people identifying with the so-called git (git-ludzie, slang for ‘good people’) subculture, which was popular among young residents of large housing estates in the 1970s. From 2007 on, Gomulicki wandered through flea markets, parks and other marginalised areas of the city, taking thousands of photographs documenting this disappearing phenomenon and capturing this — often primitive, but honest — ‘iconography’ of the dreams of exotic lands, paradise, pleasure and longing, emerging in the most brutal conditions of imprisonment, military service, labour corps and detention centres.

    Zachęta – National Gallery of ArtZachęta
  • Grafika do wystawy Up Against the Wall
    07.12.2008 – 25.01.2009
    Up Against the Wall

    The starting point for the project are murals which, associated above all with wall painting, on this occasion are to be a pretext for a variety of different interventions in/on the architectural interior of the Zacheta gallery. In addition to classical painted murals, the exhibition will also witness the realisation of non-murals: that is to say non-painted installations created from big format prints or other unconventional materials, which somehow reproduce or imitate painted effects. 

    Zachęta National Gallery of ArtZachęta