Anna Myca


Artist's works in the Zachęta collection

  • Zdjęcie pracy Untitled
    UntitledAnna Myca1996
  • Zdjęcie pracy Untitled
    UntitledAnna Myca1996
  • Zdjęcie pracy z cyklu Ucieczka do Bizancjum
    z cyklu Ucieczka do BizancjumAnna Myca1992
  • Grafika do wystawy Up Against the Wall
    07.12.2008 – 25.01.2009
    Up Against the Wall

    The starting point for the project are murals which, associated above all with wall painting, on this occasion are to be a pretext for a variety of different interventions in/on the architectural interior of the Zacheta gallery. In addition to classical painted murals, the exhibition will also witness the realisation of non-murals: that is to say non-painted installations created from big format prints or other unconventional materials, which somehow reproduce or imitate painted effects. 

    Zachęta National Gallery of ArtZachęta
  • 07.11 – 07.12.2003
    Galeria KordegardaGaleria Kordegarda