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Soviet Century: Russian Photography in the Lafuente Archive (1917-1972)
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Autor: Alberto de Samaniego, Irina Chmyreva, Jesus Requena
Wydawca: La Fabrica
Liczba stron: 612
ISBN: 9788417048686

The Soviet Century brings together some 550 photographs by almost 50 great masters of Russian photography, which document the history of Russia between 1917 and 1970. Authors such as Aleksandr Rodchenko, Giorgi Zelma and El Lissitzky portrayed meetings, celebrations, protests, parades, factories, farms, cities, buildings, wars... and they also made countless portraits of political leaders, writers, artists, children peasants, soldiers, miners, etc. Grouped into eight thematic chapters, the images reconstruct the 1917 Revolution, the dawn of the artistic avant-garde, the implementation of the five-year plans and World War II, among many other historical events. Accompanied by three essays on Soviet history, art and photography, as well as short biographies of all the featured photographers and other complementary texts, this beautiful, comprehensive publication serves as a key testimony to the construction and evolution of the Soviet regime, as well as a thorough history of 20th-century Russian photography. It is a must for 20th-century history enthusiasts and photography fans alike.