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Making Contemporary Sculpture
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Wydawca: The Crowood Press Ltd
Liczba stron: 208
ISBN: 9781847974303
Oprawa: twarda
Język: angielski

Aimed at students, sculptors, gallery owners, and artists, a collection of informative interviews with lead sculpture artists Sculpture has never been more exciting; gallery goers flock to see artworks that demand attention and dominate space. But how is this work made? This book gives a rare insight into the contemporary artist. Through interviews with leading artists, Ian Dawson describes what it is like to make some of the most exciting contemporary art of today. He considers the work through its approach and looks at how sculptors have explored, celebrated, and critiqued the world through materials, process, narrative, performance, collaboration, and space. This compelling book reveals the skill, inspiration, and intuition behind today's sculpture.