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Le mouvement intuitif
199,00 zł

Autor/ka: John K. Grande, Petra Mostbacher-Dix, Lida von Mengden et Wodek
Wydawca: Atelier
Rok wydania: 2004
ISBN: 9789071386275
Stron: 216
Język: angielski, francuski, niemiecki

"The Intuitive Movement" brings together sculptors Patrick Dougherty (USA, 1945) and Adrian Maryniak (DE, 1964). These two artists, at first glance so opposed in the choice of their materials - tree branches and wire, one associated with nature, the other with industry - show an obvious kinship as to the implementation of the material by a kind of weaving assembly and monumental work in situ.

Patrick Dougherty, who has been active for more than twenty years, has always used a plant material. A large "wind-movement" creates the main structure of the work. He shows a particular interest in the relationship between work and architecture where he creates his own plant architectures. They respond to an impulse to create and work within a fundamentally holistic and human environment.

Adrian Maryniak uses metal. All his sculptures, large spontaneous or geometric tufts, were designed from steel or aluminum wire. In these fundamental geometric figures, one feels the relationship with matter through pressing, winding and assembling. Here we discover amazing views through the lacis of the wires, while the intensification of the elements in the center offers the eye an impression of a compact mass.