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All the brutes
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116 str.
ISBN: 978-83-93434-47-3
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"All the Brutes" is a unique book of outstanding contemporary artist, Radek Szlaga.
Painter, author of sculptures and objects, Radek Szlaga defines himself as a teller of stories of a new generation emerging from the ruins of longstanding conflicts and identities such as modernism, rock, structuralism, colonialism.
The publication consists of a selection of works from his on-going series, which digs into Joseph Conrad's novella Heart of Darkness (1902).
"Szlaga goes from the heart of darkness to the dark heart of Europe" as Sam Steverlynck wrote in his text about the artist latest works.
The book complements an interview by Harlan Levey with the artist and the text on his works by Sam Steverlynck.