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No. 37

The Discomfort of Evening is the title of the latest exhibition at the Zachęta, presenting the youngest generation of artists in Poland – both female and male. As curator Magdalena Komornicka writes in her introduction to the exhibition: “Youth is a problematic and blurred category, and observing artistic phenomena through a generational lens may seem incongruent with the contemporary times, which is why age is not a defining criterion.” This issue of the Zachęta Online Magazine is therefore devoted to the exhibition and generational experience.

In the context of The Discomfort…, the theme of generationality has become a subject of consideration for Agata Sikora (When Nothing Is Happening) and Michalina Sablik (POV: the first (and last) exhibition at the Zachęta). We also talk to Kamila Bodnar and Maria Świerzewska from the ING Polish Art Foundation about their programme for young artists Artist: The Professional. We looked into our archives to recall, among others, the book accompanying the exhibition Money to Burn (2016, curators: Katarzyna Kołodziej and Magdalena Komornicka) and Anna Niesterowicz’s video HH, in which the artist confronted with the language of the young generation in the early 2000s. We also revisit The Exhibition of Works by Progressive Artists in 1954 in a text written by Karolina Zychowicz