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No. 33

Views are coming to an end. The competition, co-organised with Deutsche Bank Polska since 2003, has presented the most interesting attitudes on the young artistic scene. The nominees and winners of the award include the names of the most important visual artists in Poland today, and the nearly twenty-year history of Views is not only an interesting look at the history of contemporary art, but also at Polish reality. In mid-October 2021, we announced the winners of the 10th edition of the competition. They are the Archive of Public Protests, Krzysztof Maniak, Jana Shostak, Mikołaj Sobczak and Weronika Wysocka.

However, the latest Views  differ in formula from previous editions. There is no competition exhibition, no rivalry — all finalists are also winners. The 33rd issue of the Zachęta Online Magazine will also have a slightly different character. Over the coming weeks, we will be presenting the protagonists of Views 2021 and the winners of previous editions of the competition — also in the context of our collection and exhibitions.