Zbigniew Libera. Works from 1982 until 2008

Publication date: 01.12.2009

graphic design: Tomasz Bierkowski
artwork:Z. Krajewska

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  • Grafika do wystawy Zbigniew Libera
    01.12.2009 – 07.02.2010
    Zbigniew Libera
    Works from 1982–2008

    Zachęta National Gallery of Art announces a retrospective exhibition of the work of Zbigniew Libera, combined with the publication of a wide-ranging monograph on the artist in English and Polish. The exhibition will be the first such extensive presentation of the artist’s work in Poland and, following his American show (Ann Arbor, 2006), only the second retrospective worldwide of the oeuvre of the author of such works as Lego. Concentration Camp” or Positives.   

    Zachęta National Gallery of ArtZachęta
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