Marek Konieczny Think Crazy

Publication date: 11.12.2012

graphic design: Grzegorz Laszuk
artwork: Marek Koniczny, 24012008 Think Crazy, 1975, 16mm film frame, courtesy of the artist

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  • Grafika do wystawy Marek Konieczny
    11.12.2012 – 17.02.2013
    Marek Konieczny
    Think Crazy

    Think Crazy is the name of the artistic strategy and at the same time the title of the exhibition of Marek Konieczny, an artist pivotal for the conceptual breakthrough in Polish art at the turn of the 1960s/1970s, but also, from the late 1970s, a ‘deserter of conceptualism”, one of the pioneers of mail art and unconventional artistic practices in public space.

    Zachęta – National Gallery of ArtZachęta
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    Think Crazy
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