Publication date: 17.02.2012

Powiązana wystawa

  • Grafika do wystawy Goshka Macuga. Untitled
    03.12.2011 – 19.02.2012
    Goshka Macuga. Untitled

    Goshka Macuga’s exhibition is both the first individual presentation of the artist’s work in Poland, as well as a project created especially for Zachęta. Macuga’s method of work is called an “archeology of culture” and is founded to a great extent on the research of archives linked with the history of an institution. At the exhibition in the Zachęta Gallery, Macuga is preparing a project that concerns censorship in Polish art after 1989, and also attacks of all types on works of art, artists, curators and directors.

    Zachęta National Gallery of ArtZachęta

Powiązane wydarzenie

  • Grafika wydarzenia:
    17.02 – 18.02.2012
    Zachęta / cinema room (entrance from Burschego street)cinema room
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